All about me

I am currently completing my first year as a teacherΒ and I am about to achieve my PGCE through the Teach First training programme. Boy what a crazy year it has been!

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A Letter to my Pre-Teacher Self: A Warning against Perfectionism


One year ago today, I graduated University with a History Degree. One year ago today, I was half way through Summer Institute with Teach First. One year ago today, I supposedly stopped being a student and became an adultly graduate (Ha!). Now I have passed my PGCE, I am a fully qualified teacher and I am counting down to being back in the classroom for September.

I thought I would take this opportunity, to reflect upon the last year (I am now a well-versed “reflective practitioner”) and give past me, and any other new teachers or trainees, some advice about the world of teaching.

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Free Tray Labels (5 designs!)

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I am super indecisive so I have made a further array of tray labels for my classroom next year! I thought they might be useful for you guys too!

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My New Class


On Tuesday I found out my class list and, yesterday, I got to meet my new munchkins for the first time. It is so amazing to have names and faces to start imagining teaching them in September. I am super excited. I just thought I’d give them a lil introduction…

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The Elephant in the room (Mental Health)

Chibird Gifs are life – google them all

Some of you wise cookies may have found yourself thinking how come Miss Moon posts so much of herself outside of school when British schools still have three weeks until they break up for summer? Does she just have excellent work-life balance? (Haha its coming along but I’m not there yet). Well it’s because I am signed off work with depression.

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I made a Facebook page/thingy

Soooo as Instagram makes it bleedin difficult to share posts and I cannot work out how to follow WordPress blogs myself, I have made a Facebook page! Woo!

Queue excitement with a sprinkling of nerves as I release my online figurative child toward my real-life family and friends!


Follow this linkΒ , or click on the facebook logo in the right-hand toolbar, and drop me a like if you fancy staying up-to-date with my posts!

Thank you to anyone that follows in advance, you lessen the nerves in my tummy!

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