My Teach First Journey – Application

So it begins…


I applied for Teach First during my second year at University; on a whim. I had nothing to lose! I had always liked the idea of being teacher and, after attending a talk at my university, Teach First’s ethos of working with the most disadvantaged pupils and undertaking paid, on-the-job experience really appealed to me. I filled in the initial job application form, filled in the answers to several questions and attached my CV. I was then offered an interview for the next week and the proverbial ball started rolling.

The interview took place in London and lasted for the whole day. The day was made up of four parts – a 1:1 interview; a group task and evaluation; and a pre-prepared 7-minute lesson to interviewers that acted like school children and a final evaluation. I taught my lesson on homophones; ignored my pre-prepared plan and gingerly behaviour managed one of the interviewers who built a tower of whiteboard rubbers!

Within a week, I found out that I had been offered my preferred place on the Primary programme to start in September 2016. (Warning: Some people are given a undersubscribed subject regardless of what subject or school phase they chose on their initial application.) This was a conditional offer provided I completed both the Maths and English Professional Skills Tests; provided details of my degree; completed pre-employment tasks and undertook pre-employment placement in a school for a week. I did this throughout the rest of 2015 and into 2016. It took until April/ May of 2016 to find out that I had been placed in the South Coast region and it was only in June 2016 (4 weeks before the Summer training course began) that I found out my specific school.

Summer Institute (June-July 2016) involved 3 days in Portsmouth for introductions and Teach First admin; then 2 days my your local area visiting outstanding schools followed by 1 week in my placement school. The next week was in Exeter undertaking school experience followed by another week full of lectures on theory and educational practice. The final two weeks took place in Leeds and involved more subject lectures, mixed with participants from other local areas; the Impact Conference; and Inter-Cohort week when participants can learn about the trials and tribulations of the year to come! Oh and gin. Then taa daa 6 weeks of training and we were supposedly ready to start school in September!

That is how the application process worked in 2015 but I am unsure if this has changed/ is changing following the changes made to the course in 2017!

I would love to hear your experiences of getting into Teaching! What was the application process like? Does this route sound like something you would do?


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