All about me

I am currently completing my first year as a teacher and I am about to achieve my PGCE through the Teach First training programme. Boy what a crazy year it has been!

After limited experience of teaching; 6 weeks of training; and a childhood dream of teaching, I started in the classroom in September 2016. As a recent History graduate of the University of Exeter in July 2016, I suddenly found myself becoming the adultiest-of-adults to a small Year 4 class in a Primary school on the South Coast in an area of high deprivation.

I can only say that my experience this year has been worlds apart from my memories of Primary School! Not to mention that every day I morph slowly into my own mother through my remarks and mannerisms. It has been a challenge to juggle being a full-time teacher in a struggling school; a perfectionist PGCE student; and a Teach First hoop-jumper. But it has also been the single most rewarding year and I have learnt more about myself and life through my year as an educationalist, than I ever did as a pupil.

I have started this site as I think I have just about got the gist of this old work-life-balance malarky (for now) and would enjoy an opportunity to reflect, comment, rant and rejoice about the wacky world of teaching! As I approach the new academic in year, in which I will become an all-singing all-dancing (you heard it here first folks) Year 1 teacher,  I will also be making and posting resources that I hope many readers find helpful and a little more kitsch than other sites!

Happy reading!




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