How to be an Adulty-Adult

How to appear to be an adulty-adult when you are potentially one of the biggest children in the room.


  1. Wear tall shoes. Height matters. Especially if you go near Year 6s.
  2. Put glasses on when marking. It makes you look like you’re taking it all very seriously. If you don’t wear glasses, get some just for effect.
  3. Perfect your inner laugh. Children do weird things. Do not let them know that you found that most epic fart hilarious.
  4. Master the fib that you have eyes at the back of your head. It allows for perfect cover if you need to turn to the wall and shed a few tears because they won’t stick in their learning label straight after you have asked them and shown them 4 times.
  5. Drink coffee.
  6. Train children how to play Heads Down Thumbs up successfully, quietly and independently so that you can sit at your desk and internally scream so do you don’t lose your bananas at them
  7. Replace all swear words with menial words like bananas, pickles and fiddle-sticks.
  8. Use lunch time with your Year Partner for “Who’s student said the weirdest thing this morning”. Release the giggles.
  9. Have a laugh, dance, and joke with your class. You can’t hold it off forever and they love it! Tip: Do the dab at least twice a day for respect.

What do you think? Any other tips?




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