Teaching next year..

I am in YEAR 1 and I feel like I am about to burst forth from my cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly!


Our topics are going to let me be so creative and musical and I know how I want to decorate my classroom! And the children are all so funny and nice and they won’t swear at me like my Year 4s! My new year partner and I are so like-minded and she wants to introduce free-flow and there are only 34 children in the year group! Β I just cannot wait. I am so excited for September. I want to start planning and making things now but I have to keep pinching myself to remind me that I also sort of need to finish the year with my Year 4s!

I have always thought of myself as a Key Stage 1 teacher and I was thrilled to have Year 4 this year and I have put my heart and soul into giving them the best year possible. But I just know I am made for the younger children and it feels so much more natural to me when I teach them.

Happy, happy, happy!

Anyone else know where they are going next year? How do you feel about any changes or staying in the same year?


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