Teacher Daily Makeup


Yes, I am one of those teachers who puts makeup on religiously every morning before I go to school. Makeup has always been a bit of a wake-up ritual for me and boy does it do wonders to cover up sleepless nights!

Here are the products that I use almost everyday and altogether my skincare and makeup takes 15-20 minutes in the morning – depending on whether I can find everything easily!

Base Makeup 

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  1. I start with my foundation. For “better skin days” I use Nars Sheer Glow in the Shade Deauville. I love this as it gives a good coverage giving your skin a lovely glow. It really give you that “My Skin But Better” look! On days that I need more serious intervention in the face department I use Esteé Lauder’s Double Wear foundation (in the shade Ecru). My goodness it gives excellent coverage and sticks to your face like glue! I try not to wear this one too often in the week as I suspect it contributes to my spots! Occasionally I will use Esteé Lauders primer: The Smoother. I apply all my foundation with my (washed!) fingers as I find it blends better.
  2. I then use the Real Techniques Square Foundation Brush to apply Nars Laguna Bronzer to contour my cheeks, nose and temples. This helps me look less like a floating pasty head. I then buff this out with a fluffy Eco Tools Powder Brush and give my self some more bronzer on the forehead and cheeks.
  3. I then use the Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply Seventeen’s powder blush in the shade China Pink to the tops of my cheeks.
  4. After that, I apply concealer to any bits that need a bit more coverage ie: dark circles and redness on my nose and chin. I use Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer in the shade 01 Ivory.
  5. Next, I apply a little bit of highlight (if I can be bothered or can in fact find this tiny product). Currently I am using a sample of Benefits Watt’s Up Highlight. I apply this under my brows; on the tops of my cheekbones and temples; near the tearducts of my eyes; and down the bridge of my nose.
  6. Then I use a Rimmel’s Stay Matte Powder to set this base and help it last throughout the school day. I take this with me to school and only very occassionally have time to touch up with this!

Eyes and brows

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  1. First, to waken up my eyes I apply Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Eyeshadow in the shade Pink Gold. This really does last all day and detracts from any dark circles that emerge throughout the day!
  2. Next, I tackle my brows. They are rather sparse and so I use an old but favoured product to shade them in. I use Collection’s Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit. I use the darkest powder shade and apply it with an angled brush from eco-tools. I just outline the desired shape and then fill them in!
  3. Finally, I curl my lashes with a rather dog-eared eyelash curler from Primark (hurray for £1 bargains). I am currently using my most recent purchase on my lashes: Maybellines’s Lash Sensational Mascara.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

  1. I always apply vaseline to help keep my lips moisturised before I add any products. I am especially like the aloe vera one at the moment!
  2. I then usually choose between 4 different products. My choice is often dictated by mood, outfit and also time! As pictured, I sometimes wear Mac Velvet Teddy; or Soap and Glory’s Matte Lipstick in the shade Rose Chic; an old favourite by Topshop in the colour Mink; or a chubby stick from Revlon in the shade Sultry. They are all very subtle nude shades with hints of lighter or darker pink. They also fade nicely on the lips so there is no need to worry about patchy lips!

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