I didn’t need to buy any of this haul


A short story by me.

I’ll just pop out and post this parcel. Oh I’ll grab some lunch and sit in the park as it’s such a nice day. You know since I’m out, I should really look at the sales. Oh there’s nothing in the sales…I’ll just buy all this stuff instead. Was it anything I needed? No. Was it stuff I wanted. Yes.


Outfit of the day featuring highly unflattering clothes in the New Look sale. Top (Primark) Denim Dunga-Dress (Sainsburys – last of the big spenders) Bag (Next).


Found this in the Accessorize sale. Yes it is lame. But it gets me one step closer to my crazy cat lady life goals.


Quick, the sun is out and no one is behind me in the park. I better take a picture of ma face!


Something I did not buy but hella cute and comfy. Look at my lil happy face.

Continuing with the cat theme and the pyjamas that did win my purchase! I am a bit obsessed with the Aristocat’s range in Primark at the moment. It is so cute in every way and I used to adore those kittens, especially Marie!


Oops I purchased more stuff. Earrings from Accessorize, stripped culottes (so comfy) from Primark and some random nail varnish remover (which works incredibly!) for Β£1 from Tiger.


Close up of the culottes from Primark, and a bargain at only Β£8!

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2 thoughts on “I didn’t need to buy any of this haul

  1. mysweetplorations says:


    I had a manager who I know would be obsessed with the cat-themed items that you have. On another note, I like the denim dress on you ( I thought it was simply a dress-style pair of overalls), it looks sweet with the pink shirt.

    Have a lovely day!
    ~ Bree


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