June Wishlist

June Wishlist

Ooh a new monthly series, let’s give this a go! I usually have a very large wish list of teaching supplies and general classroom paraphernalia (word of the day!)  and I thought I would share my most wanted bits each month! Links included in case anything catches your eye! What’s on your teaching wish-list this month?

  1. This beautiful 6″ x 6″ pad of paper has caught my eye this month and I can’t stop imaging all the different ways I could use it! I was thinking of making some really fabulous bunting or using it for the backing of photoframes! – Amazon £7.99
  2. I think these boxes are so cute and perfect for a Year 1 classroom to use for toys and general play-based learning activities! – Ikea £8 for a pack of three!
  3. Okay I have finally given in to the hype and general use of these bad boys and I’m in the market for a teacher toolbox. I believe this is the one that everyone else is using and I think it could really help keep my desk more organised next year! Plus the thought of painting it a bright colour and designing draw labels gives me heart palpitations! – Vonhaus 30 draw plastic drawers from Amazon £24.99Hover over the pictures bellow to see more of their Instagram accounts, they’re amazing! 

  4. LOOK AT THIS LITTLE GUY! This needs very little explanation but I am desperate for a puppet for my classroom next year and this one brings me so much joy! I am already thinking of names! – Amazon £19.99
  5. I’m thinking that this stamp could help save me so much time in class. In our school each child has a reading record which should be written in every time the child reads. In year 1 the children will definitely read in a group at least once a day and, from my experience this year, I can tell that writing in their record log will often get overlooked due to more pressing classroom shenanigans. But with one swoop of a “I read in a group today” stamp, my life (and my TAs) could be made so much easier! – Amazon £4.49
  6. I am a sucker for light up signs. And I get that they may not be practical for the classroom and I’ll never turn it on or the children will make the batteries run out. But it has such a sweet message of “Every Cloud has a sliver lining” (so true) that it has made it on to my wish list for my dream classroom – The Range £4.75 (absolute bargain!!)
  7. A unicorn pencil case. Queue coolest teacher of the year award. Enough said – Sainsbury’s £6
  8. Okay so an electric pencil sharpener has been on my list a long time. I do not have enough patience to sit and sharpen all my pencils. And children cannot seem to sharpen pencils without succumbing to the need to sharpen both ends to fashion the deadliest spear possible. A much needed classroom necessity – Amazon £11.99
  9. So I probably don’t need these and may never actually use them, but in my head I have the greatest possible use for them both. The tiara is, of course, for me. It’s my “Don’t talk to be now children Miss is busy” crown. It might help to teach them to give me a wee bit more personal space. And the little visors I would like in different colours to use for children who are experts in a topic. For example, if one of them is excellent at using capital letters then they would get the visor for the lesson and other children would know to go and talk to them if they get stuck. A reward for the children and a time saver for me! Both from Hobbycraft £1.50 each. Tiara and Visor.
  10. These beauties have caught my eye this month, and so has the price! Although I can’t decide on which set of colours I prefer, I know I could find a multitude of uses for them in the classroom! – Tesco £26.99 – Rainbow or Pink Ombre



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