12 Facts about me



  1. I was a vegetarian for 12 years from the age of 7 (hello stubborn child!) tumblr_o47vyl1cc41ur7n5co1_500
  2. I have a History Degree and know many interesting/ useless facts about things like the Crusades, the Spanish Civil War and Prisoners of War in Britain during WW2 (hello dissertation that still haunts my life) tumblr_nwf5cg6Pm81rpduwho1_500
  3. I have a surname which many people cannot pronounce so I have learnt to embrace it. Miss Moon is actually inspired by a nickname from school from friends that couldn’t say my surname!635740831976693490390361721_John-Travolta-calling-Idina-Menzel-Adele-Dazeem-at-the-2014-Oscars
  4. I am desperate for a dog. A sausage dog to be more specific. But right now, I will except any and all puppies. 635971885678141075-991241803_tumblr_mnl5syjinT1rfqb5uo1_500
  5. The top thing on my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights. I have caught a glimpse of them in Iceland but I would love to see the whole show!5468218f514ea0d4938366ecd1e1a451
  6. I use to play the keyboard (not very well) and the cello (really not very well) tumblr_nghkufxUHK1sm2xdco1_500
  7. I love to sing and can’t wait to kick the school choir into gear. WHOOPI-DANCE
  8. I am a qualified archer. Just call me Legolas or Katniss.extra_large_tumblr_m7xhwkREOn1qd24lyo1_r1_500
  9. My favourite disney film was, and forever will be, Aladdin. I have noticed my classroom humour is 100% Genie. applause
  10. Favourite book. Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Whole Damn Lot of Them. When-Someone-Trying-Make-You-Go-Out-You-Want-Stay
  11. I was nearly always cast as the old lady in every school play – Aunt Em in the Wizard of Oz and Mrs Higgins in Pygmalion. I hope it was for my mature attitude and not that I looked old before my time. tumblr_ojhj05GM1Y1r7202so1_500
  12. I used to do Tae Kwan Do so yeah take that kiddos. Miss is cool. anigif_enhanced-buzz-1726-1381761781-16.gif

miss moon sig


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