Jazzing up pen pots


A quick and cheap way to customise and jazz up your classroom!

Originally, I wanted to jazz up my little wooden box (The Works Β£2) to make it look more special to hold my quiet critters for my Year 1 class in September (I am so excited to use these to positively reinforce quiet working in my classroom).
quiet critters.JPG


Then, with the spray can being huge and only Β£3 (Wilkinsons), I thought heck let’s see what else this can do. I have now sprayed 4 cream cutlery drainers  (Wilkinsons for Β£1.50 each) to make them into bling-tastic pencil holders for my four tables and I have also sprayed two of my Tolsby frames.

I am so pleased with the results! The colour has come out really nicely with hardly any noticeable streaks (not too surprising considering I had lots of angles to spray on the plastic utensil holders). It doesn’t scratch or peel when I touch it so I hope it will withstand heavy handed children!

I can’t wait to go back and get some different colours and jazz up more pieces for my classroom!

Do you think you could find things to spray paint for your classroom?


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