My New Class


On Tuesday I found out my class list and, yesterday, I got to meet my new munchkins for the first time. It is so amazing to have names and faces to start imagining teaching them in September. I am super excited. I just thought I’d give them a lil introduction…

This year, I have another small class – only 17 children in a huge classroom (and boy are the children teeny-tiny!) As much as lower numbers can be a pain, it seems pretty dreamy and I am hoping that I can help each and every individual as much as possible every day. Especially with their phonics which I think some of them are a little behind on.

I have a majority of girls in my class this year. This is the complete opposite dynamic of the class I have had during my training year! In my class I have the majority of children on pupil premium funding and a handful of children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). Some children can be challenging behaviour-wise (mainly low level disruption) which is a nice change from some of the behaviours I have experienced this year! Yesterday, I saw that this behaviour was mainly squabbling during lining up and making funny noises from under tables! Pretty manageable (and funny) stuff.

From what I have been told by the EYFS teachers, there is a high level of need in the class and the children just want a lot of love and attention! They were very huggy and clingy at break time which luckily I don’t mind! Ability wise, I have a class in which the majority of children have met the Good Level of Development (GLD) benchmark in Reception so are on track to meet Age Related Expectations (ARE) in Year 1. I have a few hildren working below ARE in both English and Maths, but I am hoping with an ease into year 1 they will be able to close gaps. They seem like a bright bunch and from what i saw yesterday, they all get on very well. They are all smiles!

In terms of the Year Group as a whole, there are only 32 children. And between myself, and my year partner, we have one Teaching Assistant (TA) to share between us, which will be really helpful! With the children and adults in the year group, we are hoping to do a lot of free-flow between our classes and maybe even some streaming for subjects like phonics.

They seem like a really sweet bunch and I can’t wait to get to know them more in September. I think we’re in for a great year together!

What are your new classes like?

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